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"Upon this rock I will build my church." - Jesus

Two thousand years ago the great triune God of the Hebrews took on flesh, pouring out Himself to become a suffering Servant that He might redeem the world unto Himself. He brought the "Kingdom of God" into direct contact and conflict with the earthly power structures and offered abundant life under his "easy yoke" of transformational love. Delighting in the victorious underdog par excellence, the Son of Man implemented one last daring gesture after conquering death and sin - He chose to manifest Himself through the ages through the lowliest of people, to build His Church upon the "rock" of common, fragile, broken people. In our weakness, He is strong - His work is done by grace, not be works, and none of us can boast otherwise!

As brothers and sisters in Christ, we at Grace Point have the privilege of having front row seats on some incredible Kingdom advancements for our region. Radically transformed life stories are written nearly daily around us, and we are witnesses to exchanged lives to the glory of God. It is certainly not our strength or wit that has facilitated this, but the active Word and Spirit of God working through, around and often times despite us. As leaders in this great gathering of Christ-followers, we have a profound responsibility to be diligent in our application of our gifts, our stewardship of Kingdom resources and the ongoing need for discipleship, spiritual formation and people being clearly directed to follow Jesus.

The Great Commission is overly referred to and under-applied to its full extent. Dallas Willard aptly noted that it has unintentionally fallen victim to the "Great Ommision" in that the Church often forgets to embrace the entire charge. Making disciples doesn't stop at baptism - but begins! Teaching or leading disciples in the Way of Jesus is the real imperative. So how does discipleship start, what forms does it take, what are Biblical principles or values we must hold on to, how do we lead effectively in something so critical as spiritual growth? These are real questions that require real dialogue. The values and principles of Scripture are steadfast, yet the forms and expressions have great diversity. We need healthy dialogue that wrestles with needs, ideas, barriers, truth, experiences and concepts - in "love which binds them all together in perfect unity" as Paul said to the believers in Colosse.

This is a forum of "grace." We as leaders must put as a chief aim our individual love and devotion to Jesus Christ, and from such aim open ourselves up to honest dialogue, correction, encouragement and growth. Ideas will be shared - good, radical, ancient, tried, dangerous, unformed, amazing, insightful and everything in-between - in a context of trust as we seek to burn away the chaffe and get down to the real heart of Discipleship for our present context. As iron sharpening iron, so we will seek to sharpen each other as co-laborers in the cause of leadership.

Share your ideas, ask questions, pray for wisdom from God who is the Author of all truth, and let's partner on this journey in faith together.

Come and follow, as we seek to be more fully made into fishers of men by the great Teacher...

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