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Posted by Mike Sharrow

In a culture awash with 1 million books on every topic it seems, I'm always stunned at how there seems to be more books authored on various subjects than actual corresponding words in the Bible on that same subject. Point in case being things like leadership and discipleship - which appear as words only a few dozen times throughout all of Scripture, but for which you could easily buy 2000 Christian books about.

In much of the New Testament Gospels we see stories about how Jesus interacted with His disciples, and this interaction gives us some glimpses into what "discipleship" is about. Yet, even in those it only goes so far it would seem - since He was discipling them directly to Himself, whereas we should be discipling others to Him (not ourselves).

Then there's the simple story of how Simon Peter was actually "brought into the fold" of the rag tag followers of this Galileean Rabbi, Jesus. In John 1:40-42, we see that Andrew was actually first to follow Jesus, and very quickly into his journey with this crazy new Rabbi, he somehow cuts out to go back home and get Simon, saying, "We have found the Messiah!" and then bringing Simon along the way.

It's simple. It's one of the most basic snapshots of discipleship - discovering the hope and life of a true "Messiah," sharing the story of what that possibly means and then inviting someone to come alongside as you follow in the footsteps of your new Rabbi (Jesus).

The first thing Jesus then does is re-write the identity of Simon. "You were this, but no longer - now I will call you..." Interesting.

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It is curious how John's witness gets them to go and spend time with Jesus and in that brief period of relationship, Simon's identity is changed by the experience. Not completely, obviously, but headed that way. The invitation or witness came from another, but the change came in the time of relating.
So do we witness to others of who Christ is so that they will spend time with Him or do we do the seems we are just to be disciples and witnesses and brothers (sisters)and let God do the work.

February 28, 2008 at 12:31 PM

of course I should have remarked that being disciples, witnesses and brothers is the work...

February 28, 2008 at 1:18 PM

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