DJ: 4 Goals from Ephesians 4  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

Someone was asked "what are you seeking to build into people's lives?" Their response was:

I have been studying Ephesians 4, looking closely at what leaders are supposed
to do. Four things stand out: equipping God's people for ministry,
building up their faith, helping them know Jesus more intimately, and
encouraging Christlike character.

Consider the ministry of Jesus in disciple-making:

1. He Equipped Disciples for Ministry: His methods were a dual approach of direct teaching and then modeling by example. He made sure they saw Him living out the mission and ministry they were to inherit. He served, He reach out, He dined with those in desperate need of hope and restoration - with the Disciples always nearby to witness the ministry life. He sent them on trips (Lk 10), excercises and gave them instructions of things to do.

2. The Ministry University of Real Life: Jesus addressed everyday stuff with the Disciples, and was known as "the Teacher." He talked about taxes, greed, family division, marriage/divorce, stewardship, lust, resentment and all that other stuff that comes up in daily living. He made sure they connected theology with practical living, that they lived in the "spirit of the law" not just the "letter" of it. He made sure they knew the "Word" of God (Jn 17:14).

3. Revealing the Real Source of Ministry Power: Jesus also was always directing His followers to the Father (Jn 17:6). Jesus spent a lot of time on identity questions. Who are you? Who am I? Who is God? Identity and lifestyle are directly related, so He made sure that they didn't let identity drift by.

4. Character to Lead: Jesus also spent time talking about the value of character, integrity-driven living, lifestyle that radiates from a correct identity. Humility, faith and love were trademarks of His teaching points. When his followers lost sight of the real goal (Lk 9:54, Mk 10:13-16, Mk 10:35-40) Jesus always brought them back to a love from the Father that draws people to Himself.

5. He Sent Ambassadors In Process: after a couple of years of training, while still working out the kinks Jesus also sent His followers out on a short-term mission. He knew that sometimes the things they knew, saw and believed would only meld together and be tested for substance when in practice. They hadn't arrived yet, but they had the pieces and some road tests were needed to fashion real ambassadors for His kingdom. (1 Cor 3:10)

*adapted from the article Soul Training: 4 Goals that Guided Jesus' Discipling by Dirk van Zyulen from the Mar/Apr 2001 DJ magazine

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