Olympic Christianity  

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I think I am beginning to "get it". I keep hearing about the disciplines of the faith and kind of appreciate what is being said. But, I'm not sure how it really impacts me.

I know I should read the Bible, pray and maybe fast if someone really pressures me. But the problem is really a simple question. "Why?" Life is pretty good without the hassle of doing things that don't fit my routine. But I said, "I think I am beginning to get it".

The getting "it" really centers around the Olympics. There are ten of thousands of athletes around the world that get it. They have a dream of someday being a participant in the world Olympics. Take Phelps for example. He gets it.

Phelps as well as the many others who desire to participate in the Olympics devote their life to the goal. There is nothing more important than winning gold at the Olympics. They likely leave home at an early age to train. They give up free time to train. They give up relationships to train. They give up their body for the cause.

Think about it. Everything consumed by them in body, soul and spirit is in preparation for achieving "the high calling of Jesus Christ". Whoops. Where did that come from? I should have said, "It is for achieving the honor of winning gold" or is it?

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Yes...Michael Phelps' life was probably good too before he ever had the dream to be an Olympian - but because he 'put in the time' in addition to his pretty good life he won gold.

August 13, 2008 at 5:01 PM

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