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With today's 1st semi-annual Life Group Leader Training & Strategy Conference and the launch of a new website (Group Central), the pages are turning for a new chapter on the group world here at Grace Point.

Here's an interesting defining quote about groups from a guy named Dave Earley:

A G.R.O.U.P. is (1) Guided by the leader who must model actual spiritual growth; (2) Regularly congregating, meeting together at least weekly to foster growth and development; (3) Opening God's Word to let the anchor of community be the Truths of God; (4) United in love that embraces, redeems, encourages and eliminates division; and (5) Prays for one another and the Kingdom work of God.
One last quote to chew on from a pastor of a small church in southern California:
Impression without expression results in depression. Spiritual inputs without healthy outputs creates spiritual obesity.

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