Discipleship 101: it's about asking and sharing the process of journey  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

Discipleship is more about asking and sharing than teaching. Discipleship is not about you downloading 20 years of information in 3 eloquent sessions. It’s not about you instructing someone in everything they should do and becoming the source of all knowledge and truth. It’s about sharing the yoke of transformation and helping them see how truly “easy and light” the “yoke and burden” of Christ is when lived out Biblically.

It’s asking questions, like: why, where does that feeling come from, how’s your walk going, what is God showing you, what are you struggling with, what are you excited about, what are you reading? The most powerful thing you have to offer is insights at your own process with Jesus. David, Paul and so many great pillars of faith were so open about their struggles – but they shared both the raw feeling and how they surrendered it to Christ for His reshaping. Even Jesus in the garden prayed for release if possible but strength if release was not possible. Are you sharing your struggles, and – more importantly – your process for offering your struggles to God? Share how your devotional life is impacting you and how you’ve approached it to establish a healthy routine. Share what your prayer life is like – and invite them to join you. That’s really the heart of effective discipleship.

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