Discipleship 101: it must be intentional  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

3. Life is too short and our mission is too critical to not be intentional. Relationships can be “fuzzy” for so many of us. Just what depth are we at with a friend, who’s loyal to who, how committed is someone, where are we going in our relationship? These are sketchy attributes that we so often just guess at. Again, to look at the model of Jesus we see something very striking: His consistent calling or invitation to discipleship (“come, and follow Me, I’m going to make you fishers of men”).

Every couple can recall the first DTR (Define The Relationship) where one of you asked something like, “so where are we going? What do you say we are when friends ask?” It’s a pivotal point at which casual romance begins to advance into significance, when dating becomes courtship or even marriage. Many of you have somebody you’ve formed relationship with but you’re just not sure where it’s going. You could see the person as someone you pour life into and really invest in…but are not sure if they are ready yet. Here’s a big key: ask. It may seem awkward, but asking outright, “Hey, what is your intention with this relationship? I see God working in your life and would like to really come alongside you as we seek Jesus together as disciples, but wasn’t sure if you’re looking for that level of relationship.”

The outcome options are only positive – either they say “whoa, I’m not ready for that kind of stuff” leaving you to move on or have a heart-to-heart about what surrendering to Christ is really about, or you just sparked the beginning of a very purposeful advance in that relationship. There’s such power in intentional relationship and purposeful words! Think how invigorating it would be for someone to tell you that they want to pour into your life and come alongside you on this road of faith and hope.

Our message is too “sticky” and the need too great for us to not pursue the Kingdom as a community with intentionality.

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