Discipleship 101: you can't lead where you're not going  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

2. You cannot lead where you are not going. If you want to truly be effective leading others to Jesus in a transformational way – you have to be running towards Him yourself. It is only from the overflow of His presence and active power in your life that you can spill over onto the people around you. Self-leadership is critical here: what are you doing to draw yourself closer to the heart of God?

The ability for our community of believers at Grace Point to expand is directly tied to the spiritual health of individual leaders. The “spiritual disciplines” have to be such a part of life, a part of who we are and how we approach life. Dallas Willard wrote a great book on the “why do spiritual disciplines” in which he highlighted the misdirection in holding ourselves up to “what would Jesus do” without first going “how did Jesus live?” Jesus modeled a life dependent upon prayer, solitude, meditation and study of Scriptures, fasting and so much more. We cannot expect to somehow experience and reflect Jesus out of self, we must follow His example in these practices that serve to bring about a “not I who lives, but Christ” reality.

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