A Discipleship Blueprint (by John Walters)  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

The following was drafted up by John Walters...what do you think?

Essentials for healthy discipleship

· Heart for God and others…motivated by love
· Desire that others know God and experience life abundant
· An ability to connect with those who desire to know God better
o Relationship skills
o Time to build relationships with the disciple
· Evaluation of where the disciple is in their walk with Christ
o One on one time with disciple
o Intentional questions
· An agreement of where you want to take the disciple and where the disciple desires to go.
o Type of discipleship…new believer, leader etc.
o Envision where they could go and who they could be (God-sized)
o Encourage and motivate
· Strategy of how to get there.
o Books to read
o Ministry to participate in together
o Bible study and discussion
o Scripture memory
o Teaching about leadership
o Leading ministry
· Execution of the strategy.
o Accountability
o Prayer
o Ministry together
o Handing off ministry

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2 thoughts and responses

my attention span (a very good one for my age) couldn't make it through the list. is that bad?

April 24, 2008 at 9:25 PM

I agree that these are all elements but I can’t imagine giving this list ( not that we would but you know what I mean) to a new believer or even to a first time discipler and telling him/her that this is what we will be doing. Our strategy says the G5 are characteristics of a fully devoted follower of Christ. Maybe we should just focus on them.

Steve <><

April 29, 2008 at 8:17 AM

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