Human DOings - the Discipleship Blunder  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

I was listening to Bill Loveless (of Christ is Life Ministries) address a group of ministers today about what it means to experience Christ doing His work IN and then THROUGH us. He referenced saying that fit his point: there's a reason we're called human BEings and not human DOings, but all we seem inclined to is to tell people what to DO and rarely how to BE. He then went on to comically say, "that kind of discipleship results in a lot of do-do-doing and ends up looking and smelling about the way it sounds!"

In many ways, that hits pretty close to the mark of what can cripple effective discipleship. We translate a life on the Vine, an abiding in Him, a drinking from a well that never runs dry and a daily Resurrection experience into a task list. Not that the "do" things won't play a part and be characteristic of a disciple of Yeshua - but the activity does not equate to relationship.

How have you, as a discipler, communicated and guided a young believer in the "being" of following Christ? Do you have some success stories? Share them!

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