Being Missional = Being Open to Surprises?  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

This picture is so great from a number of perspectives. My initial thought was it captured humorously what it can look like when we become slaves to a program, process, timeline or agenda that we blindly disregard necessary deviations. We are dead-set on painting a line, or covering an aspect of discipleship, or leading towards an end that we fail to stop and move the proverbial dead tree from the way so it can truly be an excellent course. Only in hindsight does it become "obvious," and not always even then!

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the beauty in this picture is in the willingness of the one painting the line to take the path offered him, even though it would be senseless to those looking on.

often the really beautiful faith decisions are made for us. sometimes our lines are not meant to be straight, our purposes not meant to be fulfilled to the limited perspective we might call "perfect"

April 18, 2008 at 5:50 PM

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