The Blisskrieg  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

My wife and I launched our first website recently. We're newbies at the world of true internet tools, but it was fun. House of Marital Bliss is our "address" as a tie to an affectionate and sometimes comical reference to our home. We're unabashedly unashamed about challenging everyone we know to pursue "bliss" in Christ, which leads to bliss in marriage, and bliss in all spheres of life.

A friend visited our site and sent me a note asking if we had any plans to "launch a 'blisskrieg' or a full attack from the heart."

*Blitzkrieg (Lightning War) is a popular name for an offensive
operational-level military doctrine which involves an initial bombardment
followed by the employment of motorized mobile forces attacking with speed and
surprise to prevent an enemy from implementing a coherent

What a beautiful image - a full attack of love from the heart. A lightning strike of love as an offensive!

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