A Disciple Shares the Heart of His Rabbi  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

Many of you know the story of my friend Marco from Cozumel. He was a guy my wife and I had the chance to share the Gospel with back in January and have since maintained an email dialogue on discipleship and life in Christ.

Marco is in his late 30s, highly intelligent, and wrestles with a lot of guilt from lifestyle patterns and deep questions about faith. His story and journey in Christ has been rapid-fast and amazing to watch. It's truly been an Acts 2 like experience without any prompting or scripting.

At the 3 month mark of his walk with Christ he hit some choppy waters. Externally he was being persecuted by some legalistic Christians nearby for what they saw as unholy habits; internally he was torn with frustrating questions about life and faith and what even matters. He reached an impasse where local Christians were forcing him to fix his "fruits" while he was struggling with his heart. It's a place that so many people fall off the saddle into a pit of despair, frustration, bitterness or into a dry life of legalistic faith.

For 3 weeks he disappeared and I couldn't find out what happened. I feared the Enemy had beaten this man down so young in his faith and that I'd lose connection with him. I got an email from him this past week. He had indeed been in a wilderness spiritually, but he weathered it and shared this testimony:

Don't worry, I'm okay and I'm even stronger in my faith now! I had some serious doubts and questions, but I've discovered through prayer how true Romans 8:28 can be for those who do love Him. I was doubting and then read Ecclesiastes - Wow! I've been praying and reading a lot and now things are making sense...I started having problems at work (not enough sales), but am seeing how even that was to help teach me to rely on Him 100% in my life. It was really difficult for a while, but now I am so thankful. I'm full of love and peace. I'm praying for everything now - I pray for direction, for my own needs and health, I pray for the salvation of everyone around me, I pray for my Christian friends and what they're going through...My faith is growing and feels like it is out of proportion to life and I feel so much love for everyone I meet. I'm thinking about and praying for you Mike!

Here's a man who has been 3 months in the Kingdom. A man who has a laundry list of questions to contend with and a community context that is opposed to his new life in Christ. In the face of swelling frustration and pressures around him his response is...to seek God. He channels his discontent into a driving force of a God quest instead of a rebellious abandon. The result is a humble heart of love and grace that reveals the heart of his Rabbi shining through his life.

A disciple is obedient to his teacher. A follower goes where the leader is heading. A disciple shares the heart of his rabbi. How is the heart of Rabbi Yeshua shining through in your life? Sharing that is fundamental to discipleship.

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