Stories: a worship art and spiritual discipline  

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The past few weeks have been precious as my life groups have shared and listened to stories crafted by God. It truly is a form of spiritual discipline and worship to intentionally recall and testify to the work of God in our lives. It’s His story He’s written, and I marvel at how intimately involved He’s been in bringing us each to the place we are today. To think that the Almighty God – the God of Job, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob – is intimately involved in forming us, preparing us and using us! Wow.

I was meeting with a friend today and he was sharing a heart burden for the lack of testifying about God’s ongoing work in our lives as a general deficit in churches everywhere. He made the comment:

The local church should be either irresistible or utterly repulsive to everyone who encounters it. Irresistible because the stories of life change and God’s working are intoxicatingly rich. Utterly repulsive because the culture requires you to be drawn into a consuming relationship with God or spit out.

Pretty strong language! “Irresistible” or “Repulsive.” A Christian life of things you do/don’t do, say/don’t say, and attend is pretty lifeless. A Christian walk that’s full of looking for God and testifying to His work in and through us is pretty darn exhilarating! Is your walk in Christ irresistible or repulsive to a nonbeliever today?

I never grow tired of hearing us share our stories. The word “remember” occurs over 230 times in Scripture, “testify” 52 times, “witness” over 100 times. It’s a sweet aroma, pleasing and good to God when we give glory to His name through the stories of His handiwork. It’s important to reflect. It’s even more critical to be intentionally aware in the present – how is God leading, changing, forming, growing, preparing, disciplining or using you today? At work – in that tough situation, with that unique set of coworkers, with that project? At school – with that professor, student group? At home – with those relationships and situations? In the quietness of your heart and study…what is the Spirit of God doing? Testify to it!

Worship doesn’t require music or talent. It requires perspective that recognizes the glory of God and reflects it back to Him. Let us continue worshiping God this week and join together often to share the latest chapters of His handiwork!

Stores are a worship art, a spiritual discipline and a component of discipleship. Jesus conveyed life-changing truths through parables (fiction) - just imagine what He can convey through the LIVE story of people He's inhabiting!

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Stories of a heavenly being intervening in an earthly life are captivating. It doesn't matter if you love Jesus or not, the story can be spell binding. I'm not sure there is a better way to get a person's attention and hold it then to tell a wonderful story. If God authenticates His presence in the story, it doesn't get any better!

June 16, 2008 at 10:29 PM

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