When your mind is idle, where does it park?  

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The mind is an incredible organ of the body. It is constantly at work both in your conscious and sleep. Both in the forefront, in the background and in between. It is always working. It is the ultimate multi-tasking machine.

The Word says something about praying without ceasing. It says to chase after God with all your heart. Peter says to put your mind at action to be Holy. I've often thought how in the heck is it possible to 'pray without ceasing'. Yet, the advice is given.

Brother Lawrence says that our goal is to be in the presence of God all the time. He apparently worked in the kitchen as a monk and many times he found his mind drifting from the presence of God. In the pressure of work, he would quickly identify where his mind had gone and refocus it on God as he performed his duties.

How can it be possible for someone to have a realistic expectation of staying in the presence of God? For Brother Lawrence, it was not a question. It was a way of life. As a leader in the body, "When your mind is idle, where does it park?"

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I think that's part of the "life on the vine" existence. Where "going to meet God" is not a very far journey! Where "seeking a conversation with the Almighty" is not elusive. It's the kind of mindset that acts as a emollient for the soul...supernaturally molting the flesh by mere consequence.

June 16, 2008 at 3:42 PM

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