Be a Gusher!  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

I worked in a window factory about 8 years ago making custom "poly vinal chloride" (PVC) frames for homes in Alaska. 10 hour days in a factory hand-chiseling detail work and welding windows with a bunch of lost was a great experience. The pride of workers was the sharpness of your chisel and mine were ridiculously sharp. So sharp you could slice your hand and not even feel it until blood rushed from the deep of your flesh implementing an ad-hoc first aid break. I had a number of these incidents, and was amazed at the body's response. Creating a deep puncture into my hand I could literally watch as the sub-dermal blood pressure sent a gushing flow of healthy blood to push all contaminents out of my wound and deliver bio agents for healing. The lifeblood was so constantly streaming that any cut is instantly met with a gushing response.

Saint John H and I were talking this past week. He said he wrestled with knowing when he should be giving people advise and when he should just keep his mouth shut. A good and discerning question - because both have their appropriate time/place. One philosopher said, "It's one thing to be a fool, quite another to give wordy evidence of the fact!" And yet, in Paul's letter to the Christians of Thessolanika he said we have been "entrusted with the Gospel" much like the parable of the ten talents in the Gospels.

My response to John was to keep feasting on the Word of God and meditating on His truths, precepts, Spirit. When talking with someone - if those truths come gushing into your mind, release them. Sometimes God will bring truths to your mind that don't even apply to the topical issue being discussed but it may cut to the very heart of the issue for the other person (that's a form of prophecy). Don't hold back the movement of the Spirit - be a free gusher of truth!

Of course, you have to possess truth to be a gusher of truth. As I mentioned this morning, some of us walk around wielding a butter knife sized truth instead of a full-fledged double-edged sword.

Discipleship involves training in righteousness, speaking of truth, growing in the ways of God. We need to be gushing truth with each other...the moment a wound is encountered the healing rush of God's life should flow out of us to overwhelm the area and prevent infection.

Let's be gushers! Let's drink deeply of the things of God! Cheers!

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