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Posted by Mike Sharrow

We all have deficits, weaknesses, areas we desire improvement in and then those areas we are eagerly awaiting God's transformational life in. When it comes to skills, tactics and approaches it's amazing how enslaved we can be to routine. We approach things the same way expecting a surprising burst of improved results one day. I heard a definition of insanity that sounded very similar. Yet, so often when someone shares an area of weakness or "needed improvement" and I ask, "What are you doing to grow in that area," I get a blank stare.

Throughout the Bible narratives you find scenes where God or Jesus retort to questions or whining with, "Uh, didn't you read what I said about that years ago? Haven't you heard?" There is this reference to the fact God provides access to so much truth, so much wisdom, so much direction which goes un-utilized as we orbit in our discontentedness. Yet, in the same sense, praise God we are not cemented in our present state and His desire is to change us, grow us, use us, transform us and propel us in ways utterly beyond our ability!

Followers seek after the new and deeper truths of their Master. Leaders are learners if they are truly wise (read Proverbs on that!). Furthermore, leaders diligently steward whatever they're entrusted with. That's why you've heard it said that leaders read - because they always want to keep moving forward, upwards, onwards.

What do you do to raise your capacity, challenge your reference points and deepen your well of resources? Do you read? Engage in intentional dialogue? Do you reach UP seeking ideas and input from folks modeling places you want to go or just down and around?

This year's Leadership Summit will be a great highlight of 2008 for many folks. Hundreds of leaders from scores of churches, businesses, schools and various ministries will gather to sharpen each other, challenge themselves, be inspired...and to just intentionally be with God as they look at things in a fresh way. Some will be rattled to disagree, or to respond to the discontent God's brewed in their soul with need/despair/opportunity, others will be a fresh wind and continue in the course God's planted them...what will you do?

It's so great that we get to host this event. No airfare, no hotel, no nights away from family. Low cost. Local peers to collaborate with and share accountability/encouragement with. World-class caliber material delivered with a focus on the Body of Christ context. Why would we miss it? There will be a kaleidescope of people - pastors, teachers, executives, fire fighters, dads, moms, students, missionaries, bankers, rabbis, and more - all gathered together to grow in their leadership health and capacity to the glory of God for wherever they are at.

If you haven't registered, you can do it today. If you know someone who should go but can't for financial reasons, let me know. If you can't go because of work - then find a means of supplementing it with intentional ways of growing. Read. Learn. Steward with diligence the gifts, hope, Gospel, people and opportunities you've been entrusted with!

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