The Anti-Drug: ban dihydrogen monoxide  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

In the 1990s a University of Washington biology professor pulled a witty prank on his students that got out of control. In an attempt to help his students realize how emotional their thinking was to always be rushing against things without thinking about the entire situation, he architected a campus-wide petition to have a ban on a chemical responsible for mass death and destruction worldwide. This chemical is dihydrogen monoxide. It's deadly. More people are killed by this chemical every year than any other substance - and yet the USA, United Nations and all other leading democracies have failed to curb its use! Students signed the petition by the thousands - to the point it had sufficient signatures to go to the Washington State House of Representatives. Just prior to the petition really taking flight, the professor released a statement: the chemical dihydrogen monoxide is indeed a deadly force, but it is more commonly known by the label H2O, or water.

Sometimes its easier to rally against something than for something. We can become very effective when rallied around negative sentiments for something. Certainly we are called to oppose many things in life...but at times we can become consumed by our anti-isms to the point that either we forget or we fail to convey that which we are actually for. We become anti-everything in the persona we radiate.

We become more anti-abortion than we are pro-helping at-risk children. We become more anti-divorce than pro-helping people with really messy marriage problems. We become more anti-[insert party name] than we are pro-values. More anti-poverty than pro-relief. More anti-symptom of soulical death that pro-radically transforming truth.

If a coworker were asked to define the attributes of your life in Christ - would there be more pro's than anti's, and what would they be? What would they say that YOU are "for?"

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So I guess the all time biggest baddest "anti" would be the anti-christ. He would be PROdeath. That would be a kinda hard line to sell. It seems it is easier to sell the negative than the positive.

The Word says God's glory makes the sun seem dark. So, there is hope God's goodness in the things we do will overshadow the things we do in the flesh. Maybe that is what people will see.

Need to go. I'm on the hunt for some dihydrogen monoxide in it's solid state or possibly H2O, C6H12O6, NaCl, KCl, C6H8O7,color and flavor or Gatoraid. :)

November 3, 2008 at 6:49 PM

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