In Love with Love  

Posted by Mike Sharrow

Remember when "love" struck in middle school? That's when the rapturous allure of "love" begins to really take root. Of course, it's not really "love," as much as the idea of love that consumes you. It's the period in life when just the look from that certain someone, the hint that he/she might "like you," is enough to send you over the moon. You may never even talk directly about the "matter which we do not discuss," but your world can be blissfully consumed by a romance of the mind - it's when we become "in love with the idea of love."

Sometimes we love the idea more than the reality, the scent more than the flower, the warmth more than the flame...we become in love with the idea of love and never actually succumb to its consuming embrace. This happens in our relationships with spouses, relationship with God, personal ventures and a host of other things. Haven't you found the disappointment gap between what someone describes versus reality - someone says, "Oh this thing I am doing is amazing - you wouldn't believe the stuff happening there," but when you actually check it out it's like you're looking at a proverbial "man behind the curtain."

With our God-walk it's what I call "dating" God instead of really taking the plunge. We like the idea of God - powerful, loving, available, forgiving, all-knowing, etc. We love the idea of Him being right there for us whenever we need Him, and sometimes we like to say a few things to Him in passing when we have time or really need the comfort. Yet, it's not what we'd really call being in a "love" relationship. It's like we're holding hands and infatuated with the scent of love but not quite brave enough to truly commit. It's the middle school romance edition of Christianity.
What does loving God and loving people look like to you? Are you living love or just "in love with love?"

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sounds like shape without substance?

"form of godliness but denying the power thereof"


November 8, 2008 at 9:07 PM

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