Guest Blogger: You've Been Called...So That!  

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Guest Blog by Wesley King (thanks Wes!)

What is the monetary value of your human body? Some researchers, with too much time on their hands, have estimated that the monetary value of the elements that comprise your body is about $4.50. Can you believe that? Even with the recent changes, that's still not enough to buy a cup of coffee and a pastry at Starbucks!

But as with most things, when I ask God the value of my human body He gives me a completely different answer. God reminds me through the Psalms that I have been wonderfully and fearfully made. Genesis helps me understand that the very breath of God flows through my lungs. Colossians teaches me that by and for Christ Jesus I have been created. Revelation reveals to me that I have been created for His pleasure. In Galatians, the Holy Spirit illuminates to us that God has called that...

So that, what? Moses was called by God so that He could lead His people out of Egypt into the Promised Land. Joshua was called by God so that he could lead the congregation of Israel. Esther was called by God so that the Jews would be saved from the hands of a mad-man. John the Baptist was called by God so that he could be a voice in the wilderness preparing the way for the Savior. Mary was called by God so that the Savior of the world could become flesh and dwell among us; secure redemption; abundant life. Paul was called by God so that he might preach Jesus among the Gentiles.

As a Christ-follower, each of us has been called… so that we can lead others in the fulfillment of a God-redemptive purpose. He has called you to influence others with the transforming power of Christ Jesus. He has called you to lead where you are.

But you may say, “I’m not a leader!” And I would reply, “That’s simply not true.” I believe that we are all leaders. One definition of a leader is someone who has influence. And surely, in many areas of your life, you are a person of influence; a leader.

As you embrace the fact that you are a leader you’ll find yourself wrestling with the gift you have been given by God. You will realize your insufficiency. You’ll probably come to the sober reality that in and of yourself you are incapable.

And that’s the point where your greatest leadership achievement is realized. Make no mistake about it: the influence you steward has been fore-ordained by the hand of God. It is not His plan for you to be a renegade acting on your own compulsions. Rather, His desire is for you to live fully in Him so that His purpose is realized through the effective stewardship of His leadership gift. The gift of leadership is a huge responsibility. Remember, you have been called…so that!

As you lead, you will soon realize the need to pursue the advancement of your leadership gift so that Christ’s redemptive influence will be potently experienced. Bill Hybels suggests four ways through which you can grow your leadership:

1. Read everything you can on improving your leadership.
2. Go where leadership is taught.
3. Get around leaders that are better than you and ask them questions.
4. Lead something.

There are a variety of resources available to help you keep your leadership edge razor sharp, however, I believe there is none better than The Leadership Summit, a Christ-centered, Church leader focused annual two-day conference led by the best world leaders across many disciplines. The Summit is a high challenge and high intensity infusion that will stretch your thinking and provide practical skills to help you lead where you are.

The value of your life is far greater than the chemicals that are contained within. When you fully surrender and choose to live in the reality of who you are in Christ, you hold dear the one life in which you have to be a leader of redemptive potency. You value every task, conversation and seemingly coincidental encounters. As you lead, you experience the fulfillment of God’s promise to a hopeless world flowing through your surrendered life. You begin to lead like your life really matters. It does. You’ve been called…so that!

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