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I'm a big fan of Sam's Club and Costco. Not just because you can purchase ridiculous quantities of household items (the sense of power from walking out with 96 rolls of toilet paper, or 56 pounds of sugar) - but because of the sacred cow of wholesale box stores....SAMPLES. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the highly anticipated samples. Stopping by one of these seemingly harmless warehouses during the lunch hour can land you a practically free lunch. That is of course assuming you can sample without buying. Therein lies the hazard...samples stir up an appetite intentionally left unsatisfied by the free morsel betting that just enough of us will break down and buy a box of the "special."

I've gotten pretty good at putting mind over matter when it comes to edible temptations. I can walk away. I can eat the bite and leave the rest to imagination. Then there are these things called "Books," and they can just scuttle my boat. It is with this critical piece of intelligence in mind that the folks at Zondervan and Leadership Network have started dripping these "sampler" books that give you just a taste-test from a proverbial buffet of ideas...with a trail of breadcrumbs leading you back to Amazon.

Misery loves company, so with that, let me share with you all my latest source of temptation: the Leadership Network Innovation Series Sampler for the spring of 2009.

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