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Posted by Mike Sharrow

I'm in Atlanta at a conference on small groups and discipleship. Good stuff. It's still on the fire hydrant mode of delivery, but I thought I'd share some kernels, nuggets, wafers and other terms of small morsels of ideas with you to chew on:

  • Witty: "impression without expression results in depression...Spiritual Input without transformational output results in spiritual obesity." (meaning, if you impress an idea or information into a person that is not lived out)

  • Distinctive of Christianity among faith systems is that the "holier" you get, the more you should love and be in the midst of messy community, versus withdrawing as a least that's what Christ modeled.

  • Nothing in life is linear, everything is seasonal, wave-like, cyclical. Growth rates are not consistent, spurts are more natural. Constant linear growth curves suggest swelling not actual growth.

  • People typically join a group for the anticipated content, but stay for the relationships

  • Spiritual maturity is not about immitation but inhabitation

  • People don't do what you expect, they do what you inspect

  • It is possible to do ministry in such a way and at such a pace tha tyour work FOR God can destroy the work OF God in you

  • Want to move fast, go alone. Want to move far, go together. Community is needed.

See what you think. What reaction do they evoke in you?

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Lot of great thoughts to chew on here. I liked the term "spiritual obesity," where you take in continually with little output. This is also very true: "People typically join a group for the anticipated content, but stay for the relationships." Conversely, people also leave because the relationships don't meet whatever needs they had. Great content accompanied by loneliness doesn't cut it. Sounds like you're learning a lot!

April 30, 2008 at 9:21 PM

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